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Effective Websites

You know the kind of web site that best suits your needs better than anyone else. We help you build a custom, content management system, website for less than the cost of a 'cookie cutter' company's website service.

Take complete control of the layout and placement - and save a bundle.

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Effective Governance

A radical new style of organizational chart and training videos makes every aspect of the Carver policy-based governance model understandable.

Start reducing decision-making time, define roles, improve accountability, and minimize governance-related conflict.

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Effective Visuals

In our visually oriented culture, powerful graphics make all the difference when illustrating complex topics. But who has the time to develop or the finances to purchase them?

Effective Visuals has a wide array of searchable visuals that are available at low or no cost. With new individual pictures and sets being created, you'll want to stop in often.

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Effective Missions

Now, thanks to Habitat for Humanity and Thrivent Financial, nearly everyone who wants to can go on a foreign mission trip. These are "ministry of presence" trips that require very little or no training.

Church leaders... If you'd like to learn how to gather and take teams of your own at virtually no expense to your organization, join a team. We'll show you how it's done.

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The Effective Nonprofit Family of Web Sites

When churches and other faith-based nonprofits fail to achieve their goals, it is generally not due to a lack of leadership or vision; both abound. The problem is that in this visually oriented society, people need to literally "see" to understand. The Effective Nonprofits family of web pages visually addresses several significant areas needed to build an environment for growth.

The Effective Websites pages assists churches and faith-based organizations develop a high quality, cost effective, easy-to-administer website which is independant of outside web page builders and their fee schedules. These sites are extremely flexible and allow the user complete control of the layout and placement. They are not one-size-fits-all, "cookie cutter" sites. Their only limitation is the user's creativity. Even if you have no technical experience, if you follow the videos, you will have a great looking web site. Launching January 2016.

The Effective Governance pages explains the issues of authority and accountability through a series of short training videos. The result is that once they are able to visualize their system of governance, not only will they experience reduced governance-related conflict, but also improve the speed and quality of their decision-making process. When it comes to being effective, your leaders must have a clear, uniform understanding of how governance works. (We are strong proponents of the Carver model of policy-based governance. Scheduled completion - Late Fall 2016)

The Effective Visuals pages illustrates Biblical truths as well as other important leadership concepts visually. With high quality graphics for worship, education and leadership training at little to no cost (and legal to use), it's hard to think of a good reason not to use of them. 

The Effective Missions provides experience for church leaders to begin foreign missions with virutually no strain on the congregational budget. Team members typically return not only more enthusiastic about mission work - so much so that they return annually, bringing friends and family along with them. By working closely with Habitat for Humanity and Thrivent Builds we have found that mission work can be very affordable. Leaders... If you would like to learn how to gather and lead teams of your own, join a team today and we'll show you how to do it in your organization.

Together, the Effective Nonprofit family of web pages builds a rich environment for personal and organizational growth using low cost techniques to build up people and their ministries.

The Effective Nonprofits family of websites is scheduled for completion in the Summer of 2015.  Be sure to return often to this site to see which new websites are online. Better yet, sign up to receive the The Effective Nonprofit Newsletter - or follow us on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.


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Effective Nonprofits

is a family of web sites which provides "environment" for growth for church and faith-based nonprofits. Effective Websites to become independant of high cost companies and still have a professional quality, low cost, self-maintained CMS website. Effective Governance improves organizational effectiveness. Effective Visuals provides free and minimally priced digital graphics and tutorials for edification and instructional use. And Effective Missions - low cost, high impact mission trips, assisting impoverished people to obtain decent, affordable housing.


Effective Websites

We assist private individuals, churches and other Christian nonprofits to develop high quality, cost effective, easy to administer websites through a series of short videos. Now you can become independent of outside companies and their high fee schedules.
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Effective Governance

Effective Governance makes understanding the complexities of Carver's policy-based governance model significantly easier to understand, thus reducing governance-related conflict in churches and faith-based nonprofits.
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Effective Visuals

Fresh graphics are indispensable for worship and training: Attention spans are shrinking. Here you will find a wide array of high quality visuals that will powerfully enable you to build the organizational environment you want at little to no cost.
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Effective Missions

By working with Habitat for Humanity and Thrivent Financial Services for Lutherans, we help to make foreign missions possible for both congregations and individuals with limited budgets. If you want to learn how to begin foreign missions in your congregation, this is a good way to start...
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